Relish the reverence of little things …
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Relish the reverence of little things …

Note to self: relish the reverence of little things, and be grateful when the universe conspires in your favour.
Note to self: relish the reverence of little things, and be grateful when the universe conspires in your favour.

I’ve been a single girl for a little more than 3 years now, and the perfect hermit. Tonight is the first time I’ve been brave enough to go solo to a social event. I nearly talked myself out of it a hundred times, especially when it started to pour rain right before it was time to leave. As I was hovering on my doorstep, it simply stopped, and I took it as a sign to “suck it up, princess” and just do it.

Off I went to the Open Mic poetry night at the Green Bean Cafe across from the University, or at least the poetry night that never was. 2 of the organizers shared their work, and then in a room full of people, no one else got up. I felt like a wuss having deliberately left my own work at home to take the pressure off, so I could just go and enjoy it.

Rather than leaving, I had the owner, Ben (awesome community champion), make me a grilled portobello mushroom panini and my favourite maple latte to hide behind. I knew that was the coward’s way out, and that the only way the night could truly be in vain was if I left having not interacted with anyone at all. I went over and thanked the organizers, and said I hoped they wouldn’t be discouraged and would host it again (which they are on November 5th, so I’ll be arm wrestling friends to come out and keep me company that night 😉 ) They told me they also do this on a regular basis at The Phog downtown, and I really enjoyed getting to know just a tiny bit about this creative band of souls.

On the way home I saw the lights were still on at The Majestic Bakery, so I went in and bought a few more Mooncakes to share with friends in the spirit of the mid-autumn Chinese Moon festival. I love talking to Charles, and I love that after 30 years he still bundles things up in paper boxes and ties them with string.

The best “aha! moment” of the night was realizing how good it felt to walk bare-toed through rain-soaked grass (yay for sandals!) and breath in that amazing damp-earth smell after a downpour, and the musk of wet leaves beneath your feet. I didn’t care if I looked like a fool stopping to take a picture of my feet in the dark. I just wanted to capture a moment of genuine gratitude for the tiny unexpected adventures that supplanted the night.

I definitely knew karma was on my side when my foot hit the bottom step of my front porch and it started to rain like crazy again. Loved every little thing about tonight. It’s amazing how easily joy comes when you remain open to the little things <3


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