Found Object Art

Found Object Art - Sundays in the Studio
Love “Sundays in the Studio” at the Art Gallery of Windsor. I spent the afternoon working with artist, Sasha Opeiko, who helped us use “found objects” to create art. It mirrors one of the central exhibits in the gallery right now.

Found Object Art - Sundays in the Studio
Today’s theme was food. I’m using a cracked old teacup and saucer, newspaper, cardboard, hot glue, water colours and glaze, with the intent to turn it into my poison of choice: hot chocolate.

Found Object Art - Sundays in the Studio
While using the hot glue gun to drizzle glue down the cracked side of the mug to mimic chocolate and whipped cream spilling over the side, I discovered that you could pull it like taffy, but in fine wisps, then pile them up to look like steam rising from the cup. I think I was more excited than I used to be in kindergarten …lol.

Full house. Always lots of fun, and there’s no cost. 1-4pm every Sunday, and kids are welcome.


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