Soul Pepper

First I was Afraid …

You’re welcome …

In my defense, one of my favourite tech gurus posted a note in her blog this morning with nothing but the title “First I Was Afraid” … and I instantly had Gloria Gaynor in my heading belting it out. I thought surely she can’t be posting about THAT. She was. This video was the post.

Epic morning kickstart. Now it’s gonna be stuck in my head all day (and yours too), along with this stupid grin that’s plastered on my face. (Admit it: your toes are tapping under the desk right now, aren’t they? You’re having a hard time restraining yourself from getting up and flinging yourself across the room with an air mic. It happens …)

Me thinks a rewatch is in order. Hugo Weaving is brilliant. You just never see Elrond or Agent Smith the same way again. Best. Adventure Diva. Anthem. Evah …


Adventure diva, geek, artist & storyteller. Practitioner of wishcraft. Cooks with visual soul pepper. (You had me at string theory ...)

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