Music Sampler

I am a composer. Music is one of my favourite ways to tell stories. Here are a just a few of them …

(click listen to open the song)

BOUND TO SHINE – (((listen)))

LEGENDARY GRACE – (((listen)))

UNKIND – (((listen)))

EDITH’S TRIP – (((listen)))

NO SURRENDER – (((listen)))

SHE SAW – (((listen)))

PERFECT THING – (((listen)))

NO ROAD HOME – (((listen)))

ONLY LITTLE LIES – (((listen)))

GRIEVE – (((listen)))

GABRIEL’S SONG – (((listen)))

SISTER GRACE – (((listen)))

HANNAH’S EYES – ((listen)))

ANNUS MIRABILIS (The Year of Miracles) – (((listen)))


more … (((sue’s music on cbc radio)))


also like to share my toys with the other kids

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