Scouting out Adventure Diva venues in Toronto

In Toronto this morning scouting out locations for workshops. Been a long time since I’ve been here! Used to spend a lot of time on Bay Street for business. A bit of culture shock to be back in the middle of it again. Note to self: the upper deck of GO trains and espresso shotsContinue Reading “Scouting out Adventure Diva venues in Toronto”

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Spontaneity is an Adventure Diva’s Best Friend

I’ve been thinking about a moment riding the bus, when a mother boarded, pushing her son in a stroller. As she stopped to pay the fare, the toddler looked straight down the aisle, and hollered “Hey everybody! How ya doin’?” The entire bus erupted into laughter, and in an instant the invisible cord that hadContinue Reading “Spontaneity is an Adventure Diva’s Best Friend”

Adventures Aha! Moments

With a little help from my friends …

Tonight was the first time I went out in public with the new business. I didn’t sleep much last night, worrying about what it would be like to share it with strangers not knowing how it would be received. I had no idea how is indelibly cool it was going to be to connect withContinue Reading “With a little help from my friends …”