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And this is why I will never give up on print.

Electronic books and magazines may make up the bulk of my library these days out of a sense of eco responsibility, and certainly efficiency, but when was the last time you could press a flower between their pages, or inhale the intoxicating smell of paper and print? My most treasured texts will always be onesContinue Reading “And this is why I will never give up on print.”

Art Stories

Writing on handmade paper with a dip-ink quill.

This is the treaty that I transcribed at today’s “Treaty Canoe” event at the Art Gallery of Windsor. I took over transcribing a Muncey treaty started by another participant. She had done such a lovely job of working with the dip-pen in ink. I’m afraid I made a blotchy, horrible mess. You know you areContinue Reading “Writing on handmade paper with a dip-ink quill.”

Art Stories

Tools of the Trade

Last Saturday, as my son was boarding a plane to China for an epic adventure, I was setting out on a micro-adventure of my own. I attended a book making workshop at the Art Gallery of Windsor, led by Meagan O’Connell, curator of Salt & Cedar press in Detroit. What a wonderful experience! I’ve beenContinue Reading “Tools of the Trade”

Art Stories

The Art of Book Making

An exhibit of hand-bound passports suspended in a formation like geese in flight at the local art gallery, and the inspiration for the book making workshop I attended this summer. The artist who created them collaborated with our workshop leader, Megan O’Connell, who taught us how to create and hand-stitch similar books in our workshop.Continue Reading “The Art of Book Making”