Portraits | Seren

I painted Seren at the beginning of the winter as a nod to some of the epic women who have been my guiding stars as I’ve navigated setting up my own businesses. Some of them have been my mentors for nearly a decade when I was first bootstrapping “Rock Paper Estrogen.” Others are new allies I’ve connected with this past year as I’ve been getting ready to make some pretty major changes to the way I earn a living now that I’ve finally kicked cancer’s ass to the curb again. All of them are deeply inspiring and incredibly empowering forces of uplift within the small business ecosphere. They brought incredible resources around me, free of charge, and an abundance of wisdom as I change my approach this time round.

Rather than focusing on just one thing, I’m embracing a “portfolio career” that allows me to pull many of the things that bring me joy into the way I earn a living. (Thank you, April Rinne, for the inspiration!) My art is definitely one of them, and it’s been more than a little unnerving to begin sharing it publicly for the first time. I really appreciate how supportive people have been!

Who says you can’t reboot in Act 2? And who says it can’t be with things that make you feel happy and fulfilled? Workaholism earned me 2 autoimmune diseases and 2 dances with cancer, this time incurable. If now isn’t the right time to make earning a living completely about having a life—a joyfully authentic one—then I doubt there will ever be one.

I chose the name “Seren” for this painting. It’s Welsh for “star” and the women who inspired it have absolutely been my guiding stars. I feel so much gratitude for all the uplift they’ve created around me and so many other entrepreneurs ❤️

Heal: how changing your mind can reboot your health. | Video

One of the best unpackings I’ve seen of how our noggins sabotage our body. Inflammation is at the core of virtually everything that makes us sick, from arthritis to cancer to MS. Inflammation isn’t just impacted by our diet choices. It’s significantly influenced by our minds. What we give focus to gives rise to a host of outcomes, not only in terms of our mental health but the physical manifestations of that. Evidence-based science alongside compelling anecdotes. Interesting examples of epigenetics and our beautiful neuroplasticity.

Lisa Bryan offers a simple and delicious kickstart for an anti-inflammatory diet. | Video

I have Graves’ Disease. It’s an autoimmune disease that causes my body to attack itself. By their nature, autoimmune diseases are characterized by inflammation in the body. Doesn’t sound like a big deal? Inflammation is at the root of cancer, arthritis and a host of other parties that wreak havoc on your ability to live a full and happy life.

The good news?

You can send them packing! One of the quickest and most effective ways to not only manage the symptoms of inflammatory diseases but to repair the damage done to connective tissue and joints is with food!

While I spent time with a nutritional biochemist to better understand exactly what was going wrong in my body and the simple, powerful ways I could fix that, this video offers a quick crash course in the basics. Lisa Bryan offers simple explanations in plain language and some terrific tips for putting this to work through delicious recipes straight away.